Digital Health has the potential to advance the Sustainable Development Goals, to support health systems in all countries, and to ensure a greater impact on health and disease prevention. Emerging technologies are on the rise and have already made their breakthrough in health and humanitarian settings. The policy landscape is evolving and privacy regulations are changing how we collect and store information. To enlighten us, inspire us, and better prepare us for what’s to come, we have developed an event program to help shape dialogue, discussion, and action. We have thought leaders in the fields of data use and analytics, cloud technologies and artificial intelligence, policy/regulation, and sustainability. Learn how organizations can work together to solve challenges in the international humanitarian and development sector through technology-enabled solutions. Have a look at the event program below, browse the attendee directory and start your networking early!
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Joan Mneney

Head of Projects
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

At Rasello, Joan has a passion for digital innovation with a focus on health in developing countries. She has managed over ten regional and national digital health projects executed in rural and urban areas in Tanzania since 2015.

Rasello’s clients in Tanzania are comprised of both local and international development organizations, whose needs revolve around building and implementing software solutions in partnership with the Government of Tanzania. Some of the projects under her portfolio include Wazazi Nipendeni and Afya II. 

Wazazi Nipendeni is a maternal and child healthcare system developed to provide targeted SMS content to end-users. Implemented by Cardno International Development under the mHealth Tanzania Partnership, it involves the collaboration with multiple partners and has registered and retained over 1 million users in Tanzania. 

Afya II is an android application with fingerprint biometric capabilities and integration with mobile money for cash incentives disbursement. The app developed for UC Berkeley in collaboration with Health for a Prosperous Nation (HPON) Tanzania, has been rolled out in Shinyanga, Tanzania.